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Video: #1. Vietnam, 538th & 47th Transportation Co. Long Binh

Friday, May 28, 2010 at 08:07

Some film clips from my home movies in Vietnam. I was a 19 when I shot these films and untrained in shooting movies, so please forgive my sloppy camerawork. I was assigned at first to the 538th Transportation Company (Heavy Stickers) at Long Binh in Vietnam and then with the 47th Transportation Company. I'll be adding more film clips later, showing some of the convoy trips. This video is mainly focused on the company compound and my memories of that area from late in 1971 and early in 1972. I wish I would have had the maturity when I was 19 to have better appreciated the wonderful culture of the people of Vietnam back in 1971. But being a young guy (and being shot at by Charlie) made it difficult to be a "tourist" and truly enjoy the experience of riding in an open jeep, while manning an M-60 machine-gun. -- This is a beautiful area of our planet having graceful, highly intelligent and hard working people. One day, I would like to return to this most unique country, simply to be an old man and a tourist taking in the scenery, sights and sounds at a leisurely pace (while not having to worry about snipers...) I love this region and have made a number of Vietnamese friends here in the USA... Remarkable folks, wonderful culture, beautiful country.

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